Source Up! 2017 is cancelled

We've had to make the unexpected and tough decision to cancel Source Up! 2017. I'm sorry that it's not going to work out this year. Thanks to all the speakers and attendees for their support and understanding.

We hope to bring back Source Up! in the future, and that you can join us when we do. We'll post updates on @SourceUp.

Farai & Claudine & Simu

Level up your web development skills, techniques, and practice.

Source Up! is South Africa's first international front-end web development conference with deep knowledge to help you and your team stay ahead. #BuildABetterWeb

3 days, 14 in depth talks and 3 full-day, hands-on workshops with authors, speakers, front-end consultants and experts from Netflix, BBC, Google, Microsoft, Dropbox, Slack and more.

Learn how to build things right

  • Web Accessibility
  • Progressive Enhancement
  • Design systems for the web
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Motion Design
  • Image optimisation
  • Web performance

Get into critical web technologies

  • CSS Grid
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  • ReactJS

Learn from real world case studies

  • BBC Grandstand
  • Smashing Magazine Redesign

Who should attend?

If your job is to build and deliver accessible, resilient, fast, secure, engaging web experiences, come and join us.

We created Source Up! for front-end engineers: JavaScript and Web developers, engineering leads, engineering managers, devops experts, CTOs.


Web performance, Accessibility, CSS, JS, React, Angular.

More than dev conference, it's about building a better web.


In sunny Johannesburg, South Africa.