Sarah Drasner

Senior Developer Advocate at Microsoft (USA)

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Sarah's Talk

Live and machine learn

Monday, 11 March — 16:10

The life we live online increasingly informs the way we live offline as well. Businesses live and die through algorithms like SEO, humans are sorted in government systems, and we make large, life-governing decisions through what is shown to us on the web: home buying, where to live, what to eat, and who we're in contact with regularly.

The first shift we as web developers saw was people living and learning on the web more and more, which excited us. But as we start to automate those tasks through machine learning algorithms, a lot of us have trepidation. We know systems have flaws, what are the political and social consequences?

In this talk we'll explore this paradigm shift and some of it's dangers, but we'll also talk about the good impacts technology can bring. Helping people who need it, automating tasks for humans with disabilities, communication for emergency services: the possibilities for positive influence are endless. We'll explore just some of the tools that are out there, how with a little creativity, we can use these technologies for good. We as developers have a voice and chance to make a difference.

Sarah's Workshop

Design for developers

Tuesday, 12 March — 09:00

In this workshop you'll

  • Learn how to create dynamic layouts from the ground up, from understanding principles of composition to how to implement them in the browser.
  • Understand why so many people love web typography, as well as simple rules you can follow.
  • Learn the basics of color theory and resources that can help speed up your understanding.
  • Learn the basics of how to work with image editing software like Sketch and Adobe Photoshop and when to reach for each.
  • Learn about how the browser sees things, and how this helps create dynamic and beautiful interfaces.
  • Find out how to prototype quickly, and how to communicate your ideas to others so that you can get up-and-running on a team.
  • Learn how to work with motion on the web as well as how it impacts perceived performance.
  • Understand what people mean when they talk about user flows and user experience, and how you can leverage this way of thinking to make the best sites possible.

About Sarah

Sarah is an award-winning Speaker, Sr Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft, and Staff Writer at CSS-Tricks. Sarah is also the co-founder of Web Animation Workshops, with Val Head. She’s the author of SVG Animations from O’Reilly and has given Frontend Masters workshops on Vue.js and Advanced SVG Animations. Sarah is formerly Manager of UX Design & Engineering at Trulia (Zillow). Sarah won CSS Dev Conf’s “Best of the Best Award” as well as “Best Code Wrangler” from CSS Design Awards.

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