Steve Barnett

Web Developer (South Africa)

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Monday, 11 March — 11:20

About Steve

Steve Barnett is a front-end developer and user experience consultant. He loves applying user-centered design principles to front-end development. That means he designs and develops sites and web apps in a future friendly way: with an eye towards inclusive design, accessibility, and performance.

He’s been building things for the web professionally since 2005 (and built things for fun for a while before that). He works with small teams on big problems, in Cape Town, South Africa.

He enjoys sharing what he’s learned from all the mistakes he’s made, so he writes about it, speaks at conferences, and facilitates workshops. If he’s not busy with one of those, he’s probably crouched in an awkward position in front of something funny-looking, taking pictures of it.

Sometimes he writes things about himself in the third person and it feels a bit odd ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

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