Source Up! 2017 is cancelled

We've had to make the unexpected and tough decision to cancel Source Up! 2017. I'm sorry that it's not going to work out this year. Thanks to all the speakers and attendees for their support and understanding.

We hope to bring back Source Up! in the future, and that you can join us when we do. We'll post updates on @SourceUp.

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Henri's Mugshot

Henri Helvetica

is a Web Performance Analyst from Canada

Henri's Talk

Optimise Prime: More Pixels Than Meets The Eye

10:45 on Monday, 18 September

The web’s growing complexity has made for even more complex metrics. Web performance—with its dark artistry—demands the interpretation of Gordian data and is legible only to the erudite. The most comprehensible metric remains the page weight. It continues to grow at an alarming rate, robbing mobile users of precious data and destroying user experiences worldwide.

2017 marked the 10-year anniversary of the release of the iPhone. The iPhone, along with other smartphones, brought a rich web experience to a diminutive screen. Ten years into the smartphone era, our media consumption is growing at an alarming rate, increasing page weights along the way. Optimize Prime, a web superhero, goes after the main persons of interest in these misdemeanors: image formats. This big band of bullies has been barging into your browser, bringing nothing but bad news.

Henri Helvetica discusses image formats, their impact on browsing from a rendering to a UX perspective, the tools and processes in place to address their mismanagement, and the reasons developers must exercise vigilance in a growing and worldly audience of users.

A bit about Henri

Henri is a freelance developer who has turned his interests to a passionate mix of site performance engineering and pinches of user experience.

When not reading the deluge of daily research docs and case studies, or indiscriminately auditing sites in devtools, Henri can be found contributing back to the community, co-programming meetups including the Toronto Web Performance Group or volunteering his time for lunch and learns at various bootcamps.

Otherwise, he’s riding track bikes, tooling with music production software or with near certainty training and focusing on running the fastest 5k possible.

Henri on the web

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