Source Up! 2017 is cancelled

We've had to make the unexpected and tough decision to cancel Source Up! 2017. I'm sorry that it's not going to work out this year. Thanks to all the speakers and attendees for their support and understanding.

We hope to bring back Source Up! in the future, and that you can join us when we do. We'll post updates on @SourceUp.

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Jason's Mugshot

Jason Grigsby

is a developer, author, and co-founder at Cloud Four from USA

Jason's Talk

The Case for Progressive Web Apps

09:45 on Monday, 18 September

Is the buzz around Progressive Web Apps real or are they simply the latest fad? In this talk, you’ll learn exactly what Progressive Web Apps are, what problems they solve, and what new design challenges they present.

Jason will show how organizations are using Progressive Web Apps to provide better and faster user experiences. In this talk, you’ll learn how your organization can incrementally improve your site while building towards a Progressive Web App future

A bit about Jason

Jason Grigsby is cofounder of Cloud Four, a boutique web agency in Portland, Oregon. Jason was part of the team that worked on the Obama ‘08 iPhone app, founded Mobile Portland and the first open device lab, and was a signatory to the Future Friendly Web Manifesto.

When he was young, Jason whistled at 1,200 baud, was utterly unimpressed when first introduced to Mosaic, and was bit by the mobile bug in 2000, when WAP was crap. Jason coauthored Head First Mobile Web for O’Reilly.

He participated in the Responsive Images Community Group and has written numerous articles on how to use responsive images. He is currently obsessed with the potential of progressive web apps.

Jason on the web

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