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Paul Airy

is a Designer & Developer

Paul's Talk

Email as a Browser

11:30 on Monday, 18 September

We consider email to be a first class citizen of the front-end web world. Learn more about what that means in theory and in practice.

A bit about Paul

Paul Airy is a specialist, and thought leader, in email design and development. His focus is, and always has been on putting the subscriber first, ensuring that they always enjoy a great experience in their Inbox, which has greatly influenced his focus on HTML typography and in recent years, accessibility.

Last year, he published his first book, A Type of Email, a handbook for working with HTML typography in email, which has been received well within the industry, cited as ‘About the clearest, most tangibly applied set of guidelines we’ve seen regarding HTML typography in emails’ by Really Good Emails and ‘The best practices to follow for HTML typography’ by Litmus. He also publishes an email newsletter, Type E:, which has covered a number of topics, including mobile, web fonts and accessibility, and has had an article published in net magazine, entitled Master HTML Typography in Email.

Paul has delivered talks on the subject of HTML Typography in Email at the Email Design Conference, Boston, 2014, and the Email Design Conference, London, 2015, both hosted by Litmus, The Email Innovations Summit, London, 2016 and a workshop at the Email Innovations Summit, Las Vegas, 2017.

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