Sara Soueidan

Front-end web developer (Lebanon)

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About Sara

Named ‘Developer of the Year’ in the 2015 net awards and ‘Open Web Evangelist’ by Microsoft, Sara Soueidan is an independent front-end web developer, author and speaker from Lebanon. She runs workshops across the globe, and is renowned for her high-quality technical articles that she writes for the biggest publications in the Web industry, including Smashing Magazine and net Magazine.

Sara helps companies and agencies build Web sites and applications, with strong focus on HTML5, SVG, CSS, JavaScript, progressive enhancement, and performance. She believes the Web should be accessible by everyone, and strives to build experiences that work well enough for everyone. When she’s not working, you’ll probably find her reading or catching up with the latest in the Web industry on her Twitter, while sipping a cup of her favorite fruit-flavored green tea.


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Front-End Meets UX: Designing & Creating Universal UI Components

Tuesday, 12 March — 09:00

A ‘universal’ component is a reusable component that contributes to and enhances the overall user experience of the interface. It is an accessible, reusable component that embraces best practices in terms of UX design, and code. Ideally, it has no dependencies (whenever and wherever possible), and can be plugged in to any (or many) environment(s).

In this workshop, you’re going to learn about best UX considerations and practices when designing universal components and then apply those learnings to work our way through building those components. Components we’re going to cover in the workshop include (but are not limited to):

  • Forms (including multiple inputs, error handling considerations, etc.)
  • dialogs,
  • navigation systems,
  • tooltips,
  • content accordions,
  • tabs,
  • and, if time allows, a couple more.

We’ll look into UX design best practices, CSS styling, enhanced functionality and accessibility with JavaScript, adding delightful behavior with SVG, all in the context of a responsive, progressively enhanced interface and experience.

By the end of the workshop, you will have built a mini library of reusable, universal components meeting the best UX practices, and that you can plug into almost any front-end project and use right away.

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